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"Whatever you need help in, they help you."

MVW Member

Spiritual Guidance

Our Chaplain offers Members support and spiritual guidance for a positive life and work endeavors. Our Chaplain assists those who seek his guidance by offering a safe, peaceful place to share fears as well as successes. 

In addition to offering spiritual guidance, our Chaplain assists in recruiting job seekers for the Job Readiness Workshop and Advancement Program. He helps Members build their self-confidence by identifying their strengths and showing them how those strengths are valuable in the workplace.

Why We Offer This Service

While Miami Valley Works is not a faith-based program, we do offer a holistic approach to assisting those in poverty. Becoming economically self-sufficient typically involves more than good interviewing skills and access to jobs. Through Member feedback, we recognized that having access to a spiritual counselor was important to our Membership and have provided it as part of our services. Members who utilize the chaplain's services do so voluntarily.


If you are interested in becoming a Member or know someone who could benefit from our program, please call Ms. Michelle Feltz at 937.528.6496 for more information.