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Benefits of Legal Advocacy

With a legal advocate, Members benefit from:

  • Education about the law as well as their rights and responsibilities under it
  • Advocacy when errors, misunderstandings and injustices occur with entities such as landlords and vendors (e.g. used car dealerships, agencies, courts, etc.)
  • Assistance with maneuvering through the legal system
  • Eligibility to have a criminal conviction expunged (erased)
  • Correcting errors on police records, which might otherwise impede or significantly reduce employment opportunities
  • Assistance with receiving, making and modifying child support payments
  • Assisting parents with child custody and visitation cases
  • Helping to resolve housing issues
  • Making sure Members have documents of all outstanding creditors and balances owed, then working with Legal Aid to prepare for bankruptcy proceedings
  • Assisting with license reinstatement


Legal Advocacy services are provided through Legal Aid of Western Ohio and the Volunteer Lawyer's Project and are only available to Miami Valley Works Members.


If you are interested in becoming a Member or know someone who could benefit from our program, please call Ms. Michelle Feltz at 937.528.6496 for more information.