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Retention Services Reduce the Churn Rate for Employers

While most employment programs stop services shortly after a person is placed in a job, Miami Valley Works believes that placement is just the starting point and that the real work begins with retention.

Because the first months of employment are so critical to helping Members achieve "One Year at One Job," the Employment Coach makes weekly calls to each Member during the first month of employment and then follows up monthly during the first year.

The Employment Coach guides the Member on:

  • Coping with stress, anxiety and fear of failure on the job
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understanding the employee/supervisor relationship
  • The importance of job stability and how it connects with the long-term goal of advancement and financial stability

Assisting Employers

The Employment Coach at Miami Valley Works maintains frequent, sometimes weekly contact with the employer to learn how the referred Member is performing on the job and interacting with peers and supervisors.

Employers have absolute freedom to contact the Employment Coach if, at any time, they desire Miami Valley Works' assistance with de-escalation and prevention of problematic issues with the Member.

If, at any time, an issue arises, the Employment Coach will coach the Member on problem solving and offer counseling to reinforce to the Member the commitment to "One Year at One Job."  Job stability is a first important step toward advancement and breaking the cycle of poverty.


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If you are interested in becoming a Member or know someone who could benefit from our program, please call Ms. Michelle Feltz at 937.528.6496 for more information.