Time to Advance.


"When you're around positive people, it rubs off on you."

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Job Advancement – Reaching Self-Sufficiency

We help individuals and families break the cycle of poverty to become economically self-sufficient. Being economically self-sufficient means that you can provide for yourself and your family with no or limited outside assistance such as food stamps, Medicaid, housing or childcare assistance or cash from family or friends. Our goal is not to create the working poor. Economic self-sufficiency is defined as earning 200% or above the federal poverty guidelines.

For Members who have achieved the goal of "One Year at One Job" and are interested in pursuing career advancement opportunities through additional skills training, attending college, development of specific interpersonal skills or obtaining a driver’s license and transportation, we offer:

  • Career paths and counseling to develop an action plan for reaching self-sufficiency along with milestones to mark progress toward the goal
  • Advanced interviewing and resume & cover letter writing skills
  • Advancement Career Club meetings twice a month â€“ where Advancement Members are able to network, share their career experience, and attend presentations by guest speakers




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