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"When you're around positive people, it rubs off on you."

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What is Economic Self-Sufficiency?

At Miami Valley Works, we help individuals and families break the cycle of poverty to become economically self-sufficient. Being economically self-sufficient means that you can provide for yourself and your family with no outside assistance such as food stamps, Medicaid, housing or childcare assistance or cash from family or friends.

According to U.S. poverty standards, to become economically self-sufficient, families must attain 200% of the poverty level.1

Becoming Economically Self-Sufficient

Based on the work of aha! Process, a company dedicated to improving the lives of individuals in poverty, there are four reasons for someone to leave poverty2:

  • It's too painful to stay
  • Having a vision or goal
  • Having a key relationship
  • Possessing a special talent or skill

A Framework for Understanding Poverty, an aha! Process book and workshop, was a revelation and a turning point for Cincinnati Works, whose model is being replicated by Miami Valley Works.  Dr. Ruby Payne's approach affirmed Cincinnati Works research that was telling them about the radically different mindsets and values of those in poverty versus those of the middle class.  For example, while the idea of advancing on the job was fully understood and valued by the middle class, the concept simply didn't translate easily with people in poverty.  Therefore, getting them to change their behaviors in order to advance remained difficult at best.

Through our programs, we help individuals identify a goal (economic self-sufficiency), uncover employable skills and understand the steps they need to take to make that goal a reality. We also provide key relationships through our support staff.

If you are ready to Reach Self-Sufficiency or know someone who could benefit from our program, please call us at 937.528.6410 for more information. To Learn More about the Reaching Self-Sufficiency Program.