If you need employees, we can help

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"We focus on providing, better prepared, better qualified candidates for our employers!"

Rick Wegmann, Executive Director, Miami Valley Works

Become a Star Employer

Miami Valley Works will partner with employers whose organizations regularly hire entry- to mid- level employees for positions that pay a fair wage and offer health benefits after 90 days. The employer partnership is a collaborative effort that provides a win-win situation for both our Star Employer and the Member. We currently work with over 80 Star Employers.

Our recruitment fee is $0. There are no contingency fees or hidden costs. We win when you hire our Members onto your team. Our work is funded from a variety of sources which including individual donors, foundations, and grants. Each of these donors wants to see our regional citizens become self-sufficient and successful. Our services are tailored to be so appealing that your organization comes back to hire Miami Valley Works Members again and again!

We lower sourcing costs for our Star Employers

  • Our services are free to our Star Employers and our Members. There is no cost for the service. There is no charge for hiring our Members.
  • Our Members are prescreened for drugs and complete a criminal background check.
  • Tax credits – we stay on top of all local, state, and federal incentives for hiring different types of candidates.

We lower your employee turnover by understanding employee culture & hurdles

  • Target is ~70% retention rate with Miami Valley Works Members
  • Our Members voluntarily join and dedicate their time to our Job Readiness program. This helps them learn about employer expectations and how they can improve their on-the-job performance.
  • Our team provides support to the employee in a wide range of areas – including transportation, finances & budget setting, attire, and more. These active services continue for a minimum of their first year on the job. We take a holistic view of our Members to help them overcome tough work situations and help them make decisions that keep your company’s interest in mind.
  • With strong, two-way communications between Miami Valley Works and the Star Employer as well as Miami Valley Works and the Member, we can quickly address any issues and concerns.

We’re a positive part of the community

  • Our Members with jobs become a positive force in the community!


Interested in becoming an Star Employer?  Please call Mr Rick Wegmann, Executive Director at 937.528.6484.