Eliminating Poverty in Our Community


"We provide better prepared, better qualified candidates for our employers!"

Rick Wegmann, Executive Director, Miami Valley Works

Poverty Facts

"Over 80,000 adults and children are living in poverty in the Montgomery County, Ohio."1

In other words, 32% of our region's population lives below economic self-sufficiency.3 The effects of poverty impact each member of every family from the quality of the healthcare and education they receive to the types of jobs and opportunities available to them.

Did you know that…

  • A mother with a child can work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year and still be living in poverty. Both partners in a married couple family with 3 children can work full-time, year-round and still be living in poverty.4

Or that…

  • Two-thirds of families living in poverty have a female head and nearly all of these families contain children. Women are at an increased risk of living in poverty relative to men.3
  • Poverty is five times greater in single parent households.3
  • Children in impoverished families are likely to have low cognitive scores and learning disabilities in combination with other health problems, with average cognitive scores that are 60% lower than those of other children.2
  • Key factors for breaking the cycle of poverty are education and relationships. Being in poverty is rarely about a lack of intelligence or ability.5

More Poverty Facts

Solid Research

Miami Valley Works is a continuous learning organization and is replicating the Cincinnati Works model.  Cincinnati Works is based on solid research.  They have commissioned a number of research projects.  We're proud to be replicating the Cincinnati Works model for the benefit of our Miami Valley citizens.  It is through this research and analysis of data that we base our program.

For people who want more but earn less...Cincinnati Works works!
- Beth Smith, former President

US Census Bureau Statistics

  • In 2013, the official poverty rate was 14.5 percent of the population.1
  • In 2013, there were 45.3 million people in poverty. For the third consecutive year, the number of people in poverty at the national level was not statistically different from the previous year’s estimate.1
  • The poverty rate for children under 18 was 19.9 percent in 2013.1

2014 Community Needs Assessment (July 2014) - Montgomery County

  • With the poverty rate at 32.5%, over 41,000 individuals within the Dayton city limits are living in poverty.

* List of Resources

For more information about our studies or Cincinnati Works research, please contact Mr. David Phillips, Founder, Cincinnati Works at 513.744.5619 or Mr. Rick Wegmann, Executive Director, Miami Valley Works at 937.528.6484.