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"We provide better prepared, better qualified candidates for our employers!"

Rick Wegmann, Executive Director, Miami Valley Works

Benefits of Legal Advocacy

With a legal advocate, Members benefit from:

  • Education about the law as well as their rights and responsibilities under it
  • Advocacy when errors, misunderstandings and injustices occur with entities such as landlords and vendors (e.g. used car dealerships, agencies, courts, etc.)
  • Assistance with maneuvering through the legal system
  • Eligibility to have a criminal conviction expunged (erased)
  • Correcting errors on police records, which might otherwise impede or significantly reduce employment opportunities
  • Assistance with receiving, making and modifying child support payments
  • Assisting parents with child custody and visitation cases
  • Helping to resolve housing issues
  • Making sure Members have documents of all outstanding creditors and balances owed, then working with Legal Aid to prepare for bankruptcy proceedings
  • Assisting with license reinstatement


Legal Advocacy services are provided through Legal Aid of Western Ohio and the Volunteer Lawyer's Project and are only available to Miami Valley Works Members.