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Research Sponsored by Cincinnati Works

Cincinnati Works is a continuous learning organization and has commissioned a number of research projects. It is through this research and analysis of data that the Cincinnati Works model was developed.  One of Cincinnati Works guiding principles is that the business model must be  supported by research. A list of research sponsored by Cincinnati Works is shown below.    This information is important to note because Miami Valley Works is based on the Cincinnati Works model.


The Economic Benefits of Cincinnati Works on the Cincinnati Region (2013)

A study commissioned from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center assessing the fiscal value that Cincinnati Works' services created by Members' reduced reliance on social services and increasing income and sales tax collections.

Advancement Study (2009)
A determination of the barriers to realizing economic self-sufficiency of the working poor.

Business Industry & Industry Intelligence (2009)
Identifies businesses in Cincinnati that hire entry level employees. Projects industry growth by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code in order to assist Members with future employment opportunities.

Demographic Analysis Series (2004)
Final Results from the 2000 Census (Microdata File)

Family Poverty and Its Implications for School Success (2004)
The University of Cincinnati's Evaluative Services Center relates family income to success in school in the Cincinnati Public School system.

Man on the Street (2003)
A Xavier University student interviews our potential Members to find which newspapers they read, radio stations they listen to, etc. for the purpose of designing our recruiting techniques.

Recommendations for Improving Recruitment-Public Private Ventures (2002)
This study takes an in-depth look at the ways in which organizations can improve and increase the success of their recruitment strategies.

Demographic Analysis Series (2001)
Four reports designed to provide Miami Valley Works with updated demographic analyses of the population in the Greater Cincinnati Region based on the 2000 Census.

Identifies and describes Job Programs in the Greater Cincinnati Region.

Journey Toward Self-Sufficiency: A Qualitative Study (2000)
Told from the perspective of job seeking research participants, this study describes the transitional experiences of those who have attempted to make the transition to self-sufficiency.

Characteristics of Members and Their Job Searches (1999)
This study looks at the types of people who seem to have the most success in the Job Readiness Program; provides insights into the types of jobs people get and how long they keep those jobs; and whether people who change jobs seem to be benefiting from the change.

Who Shows Up the First Day? Analyses of Administrative Data (1998)
This research is based on interviews with people who exemplify the demographic profile of no-shows for our Job Readiness Program - includes people who unexpectedly did not show and people who were not predicted to show.

Need and Opportunities in the Greater Cincinnati Marketplace (1996)
Provides an understanding of the current marketplace (and where relevant differences from 1995 exist in the Cincinnati Tri-State area).

Entry-level Employment Needs Assessment (1995)
This research provides Miami Valley Works with an understanding of the entry-level employment needs of private sector employers in the Cincinnati metro area.

Focus Group Studies (1995)
Three focus groups were conducted with unemployed people to determine their barriers to employment, their expectations for a job and/or job program, their level of education and what marketing strategies would get their attention.

Survey of Job Training/Placement Programs (1995)
This study provides a listing and description of job programs in the Greater Cincinnati Region.

The Magnitude of the Problem: Growing Poverty (1995)
This study uses the 1990 census to determine how many live in poverty in the Greater Cincinnati Region and identifies:

  • Who Lives in Poverty
  • Who Are The Minorities
  • Number of People Receiving Welfare
  • Profile of Welfare Recipients
  • Costs of Poverty and Welfare Assessment

For more information about our studies, please contact Mr. Dave Phillips, Founder, Cincinnati Works at 513.744.5619.


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